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DRD - Just Another Affair DRD - Just Another Affair

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I am.

-ganon95- Move it (dizzy remx) -ganon95- Move it (dizzy remx)

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keep up

Ok, I don't really know where to start with this because it's so good.

Clearly you were going for minimalism because there was almost no pads or ambience in the song at all, and most of the time that sounds really boring and bland and makes the song sound very extremely repetitive but you nailed the minimalism in this song! GREAT JOB!!!

Also, the way you uploaded the MIDI file was really good. Sometimes I'll load a MIDI and i'll be like "ok i'll use this synth for this audio track" and then it winds up sounding bad so when I show my friends they tell me it is not good because making a MIDI is very hard but they don't really get that because they are not musicians and they did not have music club. LOL!!! I was in music club and that is why I know what is about music, do you know?

You were very good drums too, because of the way you made them. I like the way the snares were like a wild rattata. Not the pokemon, but like the onomatopoeia, you know what i mean? The way it was like ratatatatatatata and then turned into something else because i hear that a lot in songs that are proffesional, and you use it too because you know what is good. I like that in a musician!!

Keep up the practice maybe sometime you can show me a thing or two about using MIDI files and I will be able to make original songs out of remixes too, do you know?

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ganon95 responds:

thanks for the review!

yes, this song is very minimal, i tend to stray away from using pads and long ambient sections. aka boring parts.

this wasn't a midi actually, i looked up a piano tutorial for this song on youtube and placed the notes myself.

music club? never heard of that.

the drums in this are EXELLENT!

im sure you can find a midi tutorial on youtube, midi's are easy to use

Rig - Moar Rig - Moar

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two thumbs up

Great job sounds like notes on a treble scale.

Also some bass scale notes too i think i heard, right? I was in music club so i can hear this kind of stuff.

were those some voices from a movie i heard or

Rig responds:

Yep, there were plenty of bass notes in there. The first voice is from an online speech synthesizer, and the "moar" is from FL's own speech synth.

Orchestral Theme 2 Orchestral Theme 2

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McNally Smith

This is the worst example of orchestral music I've ever heard of it. When I was 14 I went to a music club in my school and I learned how to make music there and I know that this is not good because I have been trained in music classically. There are no arpeggios in this song, because it is not good. Why are you making music when you have not been trained? you need to go to music class and get a GED.

Listen to my music to see what I mean, you will hear arpeggios and things that are classical, because our music is educated. You have no musical education and it is apparent in your scores. There is no reason for this to be on the weekly five, this should sound more like heaven rd because that is real music, this is not good music. Try sidechaining the bongo drums. There are no signs that you even produced this outside of garage band, it sounds like some amateur R&B music that was created by a man who thought he could rap. Why do you even bother uploading this? I think you have potential, please do not get me wrong, because I think you are capable of making good dance music, but you can barely hear the bass drum in this and because of that it is not good music because you are not equalizing anything. Please lower the volume on the string instrument that I hear. I do not know what it is called.

Like I said, I think you have potential, and also I am classically trained because I went to school for music and you are a good musician at heart but you NEED TRAINING!!! Please consider this, because you could be a hero if you tried. Maybe. I think you should keep praciticing (captain) and you will have synthesizors. I know that they are expensive because they are electric but you will see that they sound much better than acoustic instruments like chell-o's and bases.

Also, what drum kit did you get your clap sound from? I want that vst because it is good for dance music, but not for this MIDI-sounding music.

Anyway, keep pracitcing, and diagnose our music to learn more and you will see how structure and music theory is becoming of you. Do you know?


Gravey responds:

Sounds like something Helth would say.


Axel F ReMiXeD Axel F ReMiXeD

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Keep that choppiness.

Thats hellasweet.

Keep it up.

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durst057 responds:


ParagonX9 - Chaoz Fantasy ParagonX9 - Chaoz Fantasy

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~EnV~Heaven Rd. 2 (Ng mix) ~EnV~Heaven Rd. 2 (Ng mix)

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trance gods trance gods

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dudeathon responds:

you want more right then more it is

pop-tarts pop-tarts

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I love it...

Reminds me of my work! AWESOME!!!!!

LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

~ Mercenaries 2 Theme Remix ~ ~ Mercenaries 2 Theme Remix ~

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I love this... Never played the game... the vocals are freaking incredible though...


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